Ambi Gel/PCR Purification Kit - clever DNA extraction from Gel or PCR-Products

AmbiClean Kit (Gel & PCR) is a system designed for DNA recovery from agorose gel and rapid PCR clean-up of DNA bands ranging from 100bp to 20kb

The GF-1 AmbiClean Kit (Gel & PCR) contains special buffers to provide the correct salt concentration and pH for efficient recovery (80 - 90%) of DNA from both PCR product and agarose gel from both TAE or TBE buffer.
This "clean up" - kit uses a specially treated glass filter membrane fixed into a column to efficiently bind DNA in the presence of high salt. It applies the principle of a mini-column spin technology and is well suited for the removal of agarose, excess dNTPs, short oligo fragments, mineral oil, enzymes from a
PCR reaction product, proteins after restriction enzyme treatment and dephosporylation and residual dye and ethidium bromide.
This extraction kit also allows for concentration of DNA, changing of buffers and desalting. High recovery of pure DNA obtained is ready-to-use in many routine molecular biology applications such as restriction enzyme digestion, radioactive/fluorescence DNA sequencing, PCR, ligation and transformation, probe preparations and other manipulations.

- GF-1 columns
- Collection tubes
- DNA Binding Buffer
- Wash Buffer (concentrate)
- Elution Buffer
- Handbook

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Ambi Clean Gel/PCR DNA Extraction Kit

AmbiClean Kit (Gel & PCR) is a system designed for DNA recovery from agorose gel and rapid PCR clean-up of DNA bands ranging from 100bp to 20kb

AmbiClean Kit (Gel & PCR) is a system designed for DNA recovery from agorose gel and rapid PCR clean-up of DNA bands ranging from 100bp to 20kb
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Datasheet AmbiClean Purification Mini-Prep Kit

MSDS AmbiClean Extraction Mini-Prep Kit

Material Safety Datasheet for all DNA and RNA Purification Kits
MSDS for DNA RNA Purification and Extraction Kits
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