Fluorescent Dyes: Gelred the sensitive alternativ

ROX reference dye or Evagreen DNA Stain are used in realtime PCR or RT-PCR. GelRed from Biotium is a real alternative to Ethidiumbromide but GeneON's GelRed offer is without alternative.

Good Bye - Ethidiumbromide


GelRed™, GreenGel, and RedGel are highly sensitive either as precast gel stains or post gel stains. GelRed™ is much more sensitive than EtBr, and at least as sensitive as or brighter than SYBR® Gold in post gel staining. Unlike SYBR® Gold, GelRed™ can also be used as a highly sensitive precast gel stain, and is available as a prestain loading buffer. GelGreen™ is spectrally similar to SYBR® Safe but is far more sensitive, and can be used with blue light gel imaging systems like the DarkReader®. PAGE GelRed is designed for staining DNA in acrylamide gels. Another major advantage of GelRed™ and GelGreen DNA stain is their remarkable stability. You can store and handle the two nucleic acid staining dyes the same way you do with EtBr.

GelRed 10000x in water from Biotium

GelRed can be used to stain double-stranded DNA, single-stranded DNA or RNA in agarose gel.




GreenGel ViSafe 10000x in water 

ViSafe Green Gel Stain has UV absorption between 250nm and 300nm. It is compatible with either 254nm UV transilluminator or a gel reader equipped with visible excitation. Both green gel stain and EtBr have the same spectra




RedGel ViSafe10000x in water


The dye is confirmed by Ames test results that it is impenetrable to latex gloves and cell membranes. By using the suggested working concentrations in gel staining, the red gel stain is proven unable to cross cell membranes; and it is noncytotoxic and nonmutagenic at working concentrations

qPCR Supplements to control PCR conditions in real-time

Fluorescent Gel Juice

Maximo-Fluorescent gel stain (100x) is exceptionally fast and sensitive. Sensitivity of Maximo-Gel juice is of the same general order as silver stain or other fluorescent protein stains


Fluorescein Reference Dye 100x

Reference dye for fluorescence signal normalization


ROX Reference Dye 50x

Reference dye for fluorescence signal normalization


EvaGreen Fluorescent DNA Stain 50x

Stain for intercalation DNA


Novel Green PLUS 20000x

Novel Green Plus is a next-generation DNA-binding dye with features


GREEN DNA-RNA-dye 20000x

High level sensitivity, substitute to ethidium bromide (20000x)


Maximo Fluorescent Reagent NonTox Novel Juice DNA Stain 6x 
Maximo Fluorescent Reagent 6X Loading dye as substitute/replacement for Ethidium Bromide




GelRed 10000X in Wasser gelöst
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